Happy new year!

Yesterday afternoon we had some running around to do and, having heard from Darren that we had a GP9 in the yard again, I swung by the yard to see it.

GP9rm #4112 at Dartmouth 2019-12-31

Sure enough there it was. This afternoon it’s coupled to 9590 and the pair represent an interesting contrast in CN four-axle engines. Perhaps I’ll just postpone that rambling tangent for another post.

I wandered around taking a variety of photos of these engines. Though the weather was less than ideal the opportunity more than compensated and I’m grateful.

It’s easy to fall into a groove of one particular special interest in railroading and then learn to rely on that crutch to avoid railfanning. While uploading today’s images and adding them to my folder of the now over five hundred I’ve posted I took the time to scroll through them. These five hundred and forty-four images were all taken since moving to Halifax a couple years ago. My special interest would invite me trackside for only the days when GP9’s were in the yard. In the current CN engine fleet they’re pretty much the only things I’m interested in. In indulging that kind of experiential myopia I’d miss the enrichment of what has instead become an almost daily series of visits and that’s a far greater loss. “Only the GP9 days” suits my favour but makes some expensive judgements regarding what I’ll want to remember tomorrow. Further, this daily trip feels like a better realisation of my stated interest in this subject by revisiting this familiar place.

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