Alco’s in the cornbelt

I am pretty excited to stumble across this blog on Model Railroad Hobbyist (by that Jack Hill):

Jack Hill used to publish on his New Castle Industrial Railroad blog:

The NCIR blog remains one of my favourite sites and it’s been influential, inspiring even my last operational layout.

In reading his blog post on MRH, linked above, I see something exciting that I’ll really be looking forward to. Maybe just because it feels like Tom Johnson’s superlative INRail project and also like the many exciting farmer-owned shortlines that dot the current railroad scene. Surviving RS11’s like the Indian Creek Railroad’s former Southern Pacific one.

Yup, I’m pretty excited about this.

Read about the Indian Creek Railroad here:

I get excited like this about this style of railroading such as in this previous post:

“That sounds boring”

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  1. Great news, indeed! I’m glad to see Jack is still building layouts and sharing his ideas.


  1. Alco’s in the cornbelt | The Erratic and Wandering Journey

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