Darren’s Railfan Five

It’s exciting to host guests here and wonderfully exciting to find Darren’s email in my inbox this morning. We met soon after I’d moved here and started posting photos in the Atlantic Rails group and his own amazing Canadian Trains group. We both live nearby and it’s the greatest fun exchanging train updates (“Have you seen 407 yet?”). His luck with CBNS is as fruitful as mine is barren and I was thrilled to see them make it into his set. From here on out, it’s all you. Take it away Darren.

Thank you

1st photo Beautiful September morning we headed out to the River Breeze pumpkin patch to pick our pumpkin, Stopped to get gas in Truro shortly after that I heard what sounded like a train so I headed down the road and came across CN 515 hauling a few cars I stopped and saw this was a photo I wanted ,end result was pretty good

2nd photo after missing this train coming into Halifax I decided to head down the fallowing morning to get a few shots , well I crossed the Mackay bridge where I would see CN 999 rounding the Bedford basin. So I said I;m not going to miss it this time and so I turned back around and crossed the Bridge where I would jump onto the highway and head to Enfield to catch them there passing the post office

3rd photo I took the family for a walk at Victoria park and after a nice walk it was time to head home not better I could check the Truro yard where my eyes were lite up seeing the CBNS getting ready to start building their train. with a Quebec-Gatineau unit 3327

4th One fun part about railfanning is the people you hang with and the moments you have while you wait , Mine is my son he took this photo with my camera and it’s been a favourite of mine bringing back old memories from when I was his age doing what he does now

5 th My favourite unit those 2400’s hauling gypsum cars on a sunny day it was a no brainer to grab my camera and head out to catch them on their return trip from Milford

Bonus photo 
This shot was to good to pass up , Chris and I exchange info often well on Monday when I got a message saying 407 was still in the yard I headed there and 407 wasnt on the move yet but CN 505 arrived back into  the Dartmouth yard shortly after I got there 


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  1. I love pics one and three.. but then I’m a sucker for small operations over the block trains. But be great just being able to pop out n watch trains! The all commuter tubes here with little freight and even less switching! Well done Darren for pics

  2. Great series of photos, Darren! My favourite is the lead photo. Some might not like it for all the posts and wires, preferring a straight “clean” roster shot – but life is complicated and photos can be as well! Nice work.

  3. Just checking out your site Chris. Well Done. Need to get here more often! Cheers


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