Speechless in Vernon River

At Taylor’s with Calvin and David working on Calvin’s Vernon River layout. A no compromise, no compression model of this town on my favourite subdivision of the PEI railway. Oh my heart! I’m excited. Follow along on Calvin’s blog here:


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  1. Thank you for introducing Vernon River.

    Can’t figure out how to comment on the site, so I hope he sees my congratulations here.

    Great layout ideas, and I think the execution will be awesome.

    I could argue — from South of the Border — that much of the best model railroad thinking today is coming from Canada.

    This is just a wonderful layout

    • I believe Calvin follows here too and I’ll copy your comment to him to make sure.

      This layout works for me on so many levels; it galvanizes beliefs in design and I’m so excited about how it proves a point about designing an experience unlike what we typically do.

      I’ll accept that compliment but only because I’m on this side of the border.

      Folks like Calvin Monaghan, Taylor Main, and Matthieu LaChance are doing stuff in this hobby that are exciting and are only a few examples of this hobby’s new modern masters.


    • Thank you for your kind words Marshall and thanks for following along.

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