Sideframes are back!

RSC13,14,24 MLW a1a sideframes.
Kaslo Shops photo

They’re back! This week I received the above photo showing a test casting of the MLW a1a sideframes I used to sell in my store on Shapeways. I could not possibly be more proud or excited to think these are now in the Kaslo Shops catalogue. Their product line is superb.

Several years ago Taylor coordinated a fantastic series of resin castings based on this design as an alternative to 3D printed copies. Though only a few were made they convinced me that this work could be better represented in resin. Information on that, including a photo showing them fitted to a HO scale RSC2 truck are included in this blog post:

For information and pricing contact Kaslo Shops directly:

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  1. I would love to see the RS 10/18 ends for Atlas etc. run again-and the short hood.You pulled the line about two weeks before I got an order in! Too bad….


  2. I’m wondering if SAL/SCL modelers would be interested in those side frames since the RSC-3 rode on A-1-A trucks just like the RSC-14.

    • That’s a good question. They did have RSC2’s. The models I’ve seen have a different design of truck than what MLW used. I sure like that Seaboard paint scheme but I’m otherwise not that knowledgeable in their roster.

      • Although Seaboard mostly had RSC-2s, they had a few RSC-3s on their roster as well which used this style of A-1-A truck compared to the style seen on their RSC-2s. Here’s a link showing the trucks on an RSC-3 on the SCL back in the 70s:

      • Good morning. Sorry for not replying sooner. I know Seaboard had these engines but never realised they had a truck so similar to the ones CN used under their RSC13’s. I guess I always assumed that the Seaboard (or really any of the American ones) used a truck like Kato, and later Proto, installed under their HO scale models. Cool. Thanks for the note!

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