CTRL+Z would be nice

The urge to do something irreversible and destructive is a part of being curious and, possibly, a part of being creative. “What would happen if I sprayed a light mist of water over the good looking ballast?”

That was almost two days ago. While it didn’t turn as dark as the previous examples it’s unacceptably so. Safer now, perhaps, to rule out the glue itself.

I’m disappointed but the purpose of a test is to create a place for open exploration. I’m at the workbench this evening and I’m going to strip the ties and ballast off this block of foam, scraping it back to bare canvas.

I’ll always have the pictures

There’s a lovely big mug of tea here at the workbench. Album-wise, the last three albums I listened to were:

2 thoughts on “CTRL+Z would be nice

  1. My theory on the darkening ballast is that one of the things making the ballast light is dust. When you wet it, the dust snuggles down between the rocks. Looks like you’re having fun!

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