Screwin around

I couldn’t help it. I quickly glued some code 55 rail onto those ties and grabbed one of the dump cars “just to see”. Code 55 is really light rail in O scale – 25lbs I believe – so maybe not something I’d do on the layout but it looks super cool here.

And I ripped out the other track, stuck down some more ties, so more experimenting could happen.

2 thoughts on “Screwin around

  1. That does look cool, Chris! I model narrow gauge in O and use code 83. That works out to about 50 – 60 lbs. Perfect for my Maine Two-Footer.
    Thanks for sharing. very interesting project!

    1. Thanks Pete. The local On30 club here use code 83 and I’d planned to too. I have a bunch of code 55 here anyway and the temptation is too great to not try a little bit out. It does look cool.

      May I ask, is this your layout in this film: ?

      I hope that’s not too forward a question – it’s just, I’m such a fan and felt compelled to compliment it. It’s a lovely plan and I enjoy watching that short video often.


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