Monday screwin around

One of my favourite stories starts like: if you give a mouse a cookie.

If you stick down some ties you’re going to add rail. And if you stick down rail you’ll want to paint it.

So I did. I painted the rail then followed up with some dry brushing to pull that rust down onto the ties. Now that I know I can add a layer of dirt and gravel over glue and it won’t discolour so badly I added a fresh layer over this whole length of track. High on screwin’ around I stuck on some static grass. (That static grass is a bold colour but I can adjust that)

Today I dropped off the last of the HO scale models at the hobby shop. Included in that were a couple of things I was very fond of. It’s nice to have this little section of track to work on. I can sit here for a few seconds and putter around with it. Not only am I practicing a technique for the layout but I’m beating a sense of loss with a sense of progress – feeling like a decision that is moving forward.

We’re getting ready for Hurricane Teddy to touch down. Take care friends. Stay safe.

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