La femme et le TGV

I was scrolling through search references looking for something to watch on TV. I wasn’t entirely certain what that was and wondered if there was ever vintage film footage from the time when Société nationale des chemins de fer français (SNCF) introduced their Train à Grande Vitesse (TGV). What I did find was a film titled La femme et le TGV and that feeling of not knowing what I was looking for and then finding it.

Because I like trains my experience is informed by wanting to learn more about them in the style of the traditional train nerd. What type of engine? What’s that train do? I’m also interested in: What role does the railway play in my life? I don’t believe that a model railway plays the same kind of role so, since I have a relationship with both, what is the relationship with the model like?

It might feel like if I ask those questions I’m biased from asking it as someone who has already confessed their special interest so any observations are really derivative of that established bias. This film was a chance to consider those same relationship questions but from outside. It’s neat to hear about how people relate to trains when they don’t like them and don’t go looking for them. When that relationship is born from a mundane place made special by the shared time.

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