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In this morning’s newsletter from the London Transport Museum Shop an advertisement for this OO scale train set. My gosh, I’ve just finished clearing out all those pretty models and declared “No more!” and then this happened.

Prince Street was named for my street in Charlottetown. I’ve always loved the way of naming a model railway after just a town and even more when it’s a city station. That Prince Street worked so well in both frames made it ideal as my home here. I’ve built Prince Street layouts before but never one that was properly Prince Street. I could imagine this layout with sets of these cars banging their way through.

Check out the London Transport Museum’s Shop page for more information on these models: https://www.ltmuseumshop.co.uk/new-in/new-in/efe-2020-motorised-38-tube-stock-4-car-model?sc_src=email_8190006&sc_lid=386337940&sc_uid=mAlkDt1K0w&sc_llid=52427&sc_eh=e16c75335603a2381

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  1. DO IT DO IT DO IT!!! I will engage “The Model Railroad Enabler” to entice you into the wonderful world of TFL Modelling!!! DO IT DO IT DO IT!!!

    I knew these were coming, I saw the announcement a couple of months ago. Wrong stock type for my LT Diorama…. (I need A60/A62 or S Stock for The Met), but tempting none the less!!

    London Transport Diorama


    • You, my friend, are exactly the right sort of company. I laughed so hard reading your comment. These models would work in London (obviously) but it might be fun for an Isle of Wight layout.

      I see, in your model, you have one of those LT panniers. Gosh, those engines look so completely beautiful in that colour scheme. I love that look.

      • I bought the Pannier because I really really wanted one…then I bought the LT Electric Bo-Bo because it was a model of “Sherlock Holmes” (yes, there was actually an LT Electric named after him), then I needed a place to properly display them…and well, you see how this goes…. stupid rabbit holes…I didn’t even know the Enabler when I did this to myself!!

    • Please don’t rat me out to The Enabler. No one’s immune to his powers.


    • The Enabler has been in touch.

      You folks are the best sort of friends. I appreciate you both.

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