BC Rail 4622

BC Rail 4622 on CN 511 at Nootka Drive September 1, 2020

Stephen Gardiner’s post this Tuesday shared his photo of 4605. That these former BC Rail engines still wander the CN network is fascinating and I love that we’ve photographed each. Further, thanks to Caleb for letting me know 4622 was here in Dartmouth in the first place.

The morning I photographed 4622 it and its mate were running light from Dartmouth yard to Wright’s Cove as 511. When they get there, they’ll pick up their train of gypsum hoppers from National Gypsum and take them to Milford.

I love the way trains connect us. Caleb let me know 4622 was here and the morning I photographed 4622 in gypsum service I photographed it here at Nootka Drive crossing and in Burnside where my friend Darren was also out for the same reason. Sharing this connection with Stephen only reinforces the joy of this great hobby.

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  1. I love the mismatched numberboards on 4622, clearly one has been smashed (purloined?) at some point and hastily replaced!

    And yes, the common interest bringing us all together across distances and with separation both near and far at the moment is fantastic.


  2. I’ve seen a few more mismatched number boards these days.

    The last time I saw 4622 was on December 3, 2017 and the front number boards matched… so whatever mishap 4622 experienced was after that.

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