Looe (1)

As track plans go one single length or track requires not much narrative so I’ll just do it. I am picturing this plan, for a space here at home, to be a place to practice landscape painting albeit in models.

The Looe branch is in the south of England. The above video is simply a superb use of your time and a joy to watch.

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  1. Hey Chris, are you still selling on Shapeways? Can’t find your cabooses!

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  2. Hey, Another great idea I can be a bad influence on…. I’ve only been trying to convince myself to not buy this since it was announced…. http://www.kernowmodelrailcentre.com/pg/144/GWR-Steam-Railmotor

    OO Gauge Steam Railmotor!!!! Perfect for a Looe Branch Line Model!! The real thing is awesome too, I had a great day at Didcot riding it a couple of years ago!

    I’ll show myself out now if you don’t want to talk anymore Chris!!


  3. I remember, a long time ago, Langley Models sold an N scale kit for one of these GWR railmotors. The chassis was supposed to be Bachmann’s GP40. That particular model, especially if you had one of the metal geared 1970’s era version of the chassis, might not have been so bad.

  4. Hi Chris
    I’ve traveled this branch many times.
    It’s worth downloading https://www.video125.com/products/cornish-branches to see most of the route.


  1. Heard. Not always seen. – Prince Street

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