Another RSC14 found (1752 in New York)

“Late summer 1989”

I share it often that photo of two RSC14’s on the wye in Charlottetown. This photo was the first time I took a photo I was genuinely proud of. It felt “right” and it represented a place where I enjoyed watching trains from and where I started as a railfan. There’s 1752. It’ll be the westbound leader for the tip back to Borden and, this summer, every trip is one of the last ones.

You can view a list of each RSC14 on the CNR Historical Association website and the superb delivers a full page of photos of the magnificent RSC14 fleet including 1752 parked outside the diesel shop – a lot like how I remember it. Maybe, like me, you pause and wonder about those RSC14’s that went to Cuba or the ones in Jamaica. A while I ago I found a photo of one of the Cuban ones but that remains the only photo I have ever seen of the RSC14’s after they retired from Canadian work to their new Caribbean lives. Every so often, I comb the internet hoping someone photographed and shared a picture of one of “our” engines still in service. I fixate on those particular engines but never picked on the entry for 1752. Quoting from the CNRHA webpage above: “Genesee Valley Transportation Company in 1993”. Then, last week, I found these two amazing photos on Morscher’s Railroad Images that show 1752 in July1993 in Depew, New York which places them on the same GVT railroad (Depew, Lancaster & Western) that I shared video of recently:

CNRHA indicates 1752 was scrapped in January 1994 so perhaps those are the last photos taken of it? I’m not getting my hopes up but wouldn’t it be cool to see photos of it in operation in New York? I think so.

There’s no way I can talk about PEI railroading without linking out to Steve Boyko’s series on the railway:

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  1. That’s a great find! I love finding photos of the RSC-14s, especially my favourite, 1754.

    Thanks for the mention of my “diesels on PEI” series!

    • Thank you, in the first place, for that series of posts and the terrific book on the subject.

      I’d love to see 1754 move again. If only there was some way to sponsor a quick run around the yard at Hillsborough.

  2. If/when Rapido releases is HO scale RSC-14s, I just know you’re going to grab a 1752 in this paint scheme.
    Perhaps between now and then, you need to build a bit of railway for it to run on? Maybe that should be your plan for the top of the bookcases…
    – The Enabler

    • Sooner or later we all take turns saying “if only” and Rapido’s RSC14’s in HO is perhaps, hopefully, my first time: if only these were in N. I never expected these in HO from anyone. I’ve spent a lot of time trying to distill a section of the railway to fit into the shelf and I just can’t make it work – that Allan Street plan is perhaps my best shot at it so far.

  3. That photo just looks like a layout to me, in 1:1 scale! Chock full o’ inspiration!
    Thanks for sharing,

  4. Go on the YouTube channel – Trenes de Cuba. There is a video posted about a month ago taken in Oct. 2020 of one of the RSC-14 units sold to Acinox in Cuba still in service. Also videos of the MLW G8’s and EMD GMD-1’s.

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