Coy Paper 2 (HO)

Since posting the original Coy Paper layout concept I’ve been pushing more ink around and paper turnout templates on the real shelf. Normally we’re trying to avoid linear design where elements within the scene run parallel to the fascia but in the original concept I did that on purpose. The real Main Street here is fairly straight and as much as my siding down to Coy deviates from the real one I wanted to respect that straight line. Most important I want my railway to have a relationship with the road’s edge and it’s that line I making my priority.

James and I have been having a lot of fun exploring ways to tease those straight lines into softer curves. I was resistant to this but in a reply I wrote I said something like “In the real scene there’s an incredible combination of vertical curves” and “by softening the straight track into curves we could do something on a horizontal plane that speaks to the vertical curves that so much the character of the prototype but absent in my model”. So, I revved up Templot and produced the above.

Then using my iPhone’s photo editor I coloured the drawing in to relate the current iteration back to the first draft.

I have to head out on some errands. Those errands will include buying and enjoying a doughnut and coffee at Fortune as well as a quick visit to the print shop to print paper copies of the full scale Coy v2 and Wright’s Cove v1 plans so I can look at them in full scale. Both plans are viable concepts and I’d like to start on something.

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  1. Oooh the excitement is building Chris! 😀 really looking forward to this and I think the tweaks work but I would be inclined to look at the crossing and try and have a “little straightening” there?

  2. I do worry about those reverse curves Chris, where a turnout curves one way to curve back the other. In reality these are necessary and usually more generous than we have space for… in model form they can be adjusted, usually, by switching handing around.

    The turnouts you’re using are both left hand, if you switch (no pun intended) the top one for a right hander at least, you’d eliminate the problem.

    Lovely to see the GE44T sat on the plan on the Facebook page… lockdown from midnight again here in Wales.

    • In every other design I’d agree with that concern. I do agree, completely. It sounds like there’s a “but” and here it is (drum roll?):

      Trains are one or two cars at best; that curve itself is a fairly broad radius…wait, this might be easier with a drawing so I’ll just write a quick post so I can add some drawings to help illustrate things.

    • Looking at my clock and adjusting to your time points out it’s not only late right now in Wales but you’re back into lockdown. Take care my friend. From our family to your’s take care.


  1. About those turnouts – Prince Street
  2. Coy. It’s a thing. – Prince Street

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