Sunday evening

It’s Sunday evening and I’m settled on the couch with a good book and a glass of wine. As I settle deeper into the couch it feels right to acknowledge a productive day’s work.

I liked using a highlighted plan in my previous post to divide the layout by the status of each section. Let’s do that again:

  • Green rails are in place on weathered and grassy ties. This is far enough along until adjacent scenery is started and these colours can be filtered to blend into the full scene.
  • Yellow are the turnouts I’ve been working on this weekend and now consider done. They need filler ties between the PC board ones but are structurally complete and they’re lovely to roll a truck through.
  • Blue ties are in place and weathered. Some ballast has been attempted and I’m uncertain if what I’ve done in that ballasting is what I should have done.
  • Orange track is built. This will all be buried into the road so only needs PC board ties and rails and that’s done. I’m uncertain what technique I’ll use to make up the road itself but I’m ready when that is sorted. I could also add some wires to power this track up and run a train. Yippee!
  • Red ties are in place and primed. I’ll start painting these ties this week. While the orange main track is in the road the loop is at the shoulder so it’s ballast will be dirt and gravel and infringing weeds from the hills nearby.

I’m really proud of this progress and I like what I see when I survey my work. My friend Michael used to say, on reflecting on our week’s work: “We’ve moved some markers”.

And I’m exhausted. Not the kind of bone tired I’d feel when we’d shut the kitchen down after a long day but a kind that feels like my body is tired from work that fed my soul in a way that restored it.

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