Relationship status: unattached

Work happens all around but still these turnouts, as they say, remain “unattached”. Here’s what needs to happen to change that (Future Chris, you know what you have to do because Past Chris wrote you this note)

The “filler” ties need to be cut and glued into place.

My days of glueing points shut during ballasting are behind me. Friends have tried ballasting as much of a turnout as possible without the PC board and rail bit in place and, this time, because my friends were doing it and it felt good I’m going to, too. I’ll paint and ballast those ties which is most of the area in their footprint. Then when that’s done I’ll stick down the turnouts.

I need to install throwbars on both turnouts.

On a real single point turnout you “throw” them using a pry bar. On the model, diverging to the siding is done by the back of the wheel contacting the inside face of the point. Because of that, a point blade only needs to be thrown long enough to catch the back of the wheel and then the wheel alone will keep that blade “thrown”. That should make it easy to actually figure out how to throw the turnout. James is right, something as simple as a wire running through some brass tubing should be enough – better still if there’s enough friction to hold things in place “long enough”.

Despite my big talk of “keep alive” capacitors and DCC I’d still like to power the frogs on the turnouts so, there’s that.

Connecting the turnouts is really the last milestone in the tracklaying phase on this layout. I still lack stock to run but closing out this phase punctuates it in a way I feel I need to feel. (While I’m completing this punch list I also need to remind myself to add feeder wires to every piece of rail)

Thanks for the chat this evening James. I’m so glad we had that opportunity.

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  1. As I said, it was a welcome surprise, great to chat and I’m glad we did. You gave me food for thought with the Moncton idea…


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