Scrub that (1)

I’d read how others have used scouring pads, teased out further than 1980’s hair, as shrubs and like random growth and I wanted to try it so I wandered over to the kitchen sink and cut the corner off a Scotchbrite pad I was already using in a more traditional manner. In my imagination I could see a patch of wild roses like my beautiful ones from our old garden. Lucky, I miss you.

I really like the structure and form it creates. Even the embedded particles of not abrasive abrasive look cool. As media, it’s definitely something I need to continue to explore.

But it’s near impossible to paint once you’ve stuck it down. Further complicating that challenge is my need to use acrylic colours in the house. Over the weekend I’ve been attempting various combinations of paints and painting techniques but all that’s doing is compacting those once wild and free branches. And now it looks like all old Scotchbrite scrub pads look. I fought the burnt on cheese and I won…

But I’m learning. The material itself works as I hoped it would so I’ll concentrate on how to resolve the problem. I’m going to scrape off it off. Since the problem is really just painting think what I’ll try next is take some time, during spare minutes, and tease out more of this. Once I have a handful I’ll chuck it an old cardboard box and head outside with a spray can of oil-based primer and have at it. The velvety touch of a good spray can will just dust these delicate branches and the aggressive oil paint hopefully will just soak right into the branches. I think the next iteration will work.

This is all progress. Even when it doesn’t work out. It still feels every bit as good.

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  1. Yup, every failure is a step closer to success!

  2. I’d say the spray will be more successful… however some ground foam and postiche over the top would add the airiness you crave… postiche is just fake hair, so perhaps you could even use real hair, if fine enough. I use a spray adhesive by Peco, which isn’t very solventy of at all, certainly ok to use around the family, they moan about the odour of paint and propellant from me spray painting but never the smell of the spray glue with scenery… mind Spray Mount and similar stink. I’m not sure of the Peco formulation.

    • I’m really keen to try spray paint on this. The basic structure I really like so the remaining issue is largely presentation. Darn shame work today has been so busy because the post-storm weather here has been spectacular and perfect for a quick trip outside with a spray can.

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