Weekend plans?

It seems funny but we’re back here. It’s Friday and I need to stick down two turnouts. On the one hand I have no rail down…I’m not further behind than when I wrote this or this.

The two new On30 turnouts are complete and wired. They can be easy moved by ground throws from trackside. That’ll work just fine. They’re pre-wired with jumpers added in all the right places.

All of the plain track is ballasted so is at a point in its development where I think I need the rails in place so I can proceed developing textures.

It’s warm enough outside to spray paint (something I really don’t want to do indoors). Shawn Branstetter mentioned prepainting rail before spiking it down so while I’m outside, painting the turnouts I’ll spray some paint on some plain rails too.

I’m pretty excited to spike down some rail

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