Monday morning

Good morning!

Just a quick update before this day gets too far underway. How’d the weekend go? How much from the list got done?

No need for a list. Rail is down on pretty much the whole layout now. I am only spiking enough rails to tack everything into place as in a few locations I’m unsure of its location. This way I can test the track not just in terms of operation but also a visual appraisal. Once I’m happy things are where they need to be I can start filling in the other spikes. Those Mount Albert ties are beautiful to work with I’m so glad I’m using them.

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  1. You should get some of the scale spike from to fill in the rest. Paint them before you install them.

    • I wondered about using those. I’ve bought them in the past and they’re a beautifully machined parts. What I wondered about was if they might be too small in O scale? I wonder how large a narrow gauge railroad spike is? Length of the spike is irrelevant but the dimensions of the head.

      • Oh! I thought this was HO?

      • Sorry. I’ve been selfish in my updates and perhaps too ambiguous. It all had been HO scale, standard gauge, then about two weeks ago I gave into a temptation to redo it as I had considered originally (back in December) and rebuilt it in On30 form.

        So, these spikes are about 1/32” wide (across the head) so that is about so in O scale that works out around 1-1/2” which feels pretty close to the few railroad spikes I have on hand here.

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