Ciment Québec hoppers in Burnside

For my birthday Krista gave me my first proper camera. It was and remains a gift worth way more than I’ll ever be. I’m okay confessing that it’s been intimidating and I was afraid of breaking it so it was embarrassingly easy to have reasons to leave it at home. Today, for an unexpected reason, was the perfect reason to break the habit of not using the camera. A string of lovely Ciment Québec hoppers become the first photo on the camera. How perfect is this? I didn’t plan it but talk about a connection between favourite things!

I love this photo! I’m laying down on the ground, as low as I can be, in the hope this works out. Absolutely worth the laundry!

My Abbey Road? I love this composition and have many variations on it in Prince Street’s Facebook album. Looking along Ochterloney Street, toward home. Damn, it’s so cold. I love the Billy Idol joke about weather but it is too cold for a light sweater; way too cold for a cardigan! Stupidly I left the house with no coat and my cardigan, while cute, is almost completely useless at keeping me warm.

I really should go to Rockingham more often. In an afternoon that provided so many favourite photographs is this one of 2523. CN has left these two Dash 9’s as yard engines for Halifax and I love how well this photo of 2523 worked out.

I had so much fun this afternoon. While I am proud of and enjoy using my cell phone camera it has limitations that exclude certain photos and this afternoon was a parade of exploring beyond those boundaries.

This afternoon was a much needed chance. I can’t say thank you enough.

Thank you

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3 replies

  1. Great photos – looking forward to more!

    What camera did she get for you?

    • Thank you!

      The camera is a Nikon D3500. Having spent such an enjoyable afternoon out with it I have a baseline of what I’d like to learn about it next (from the layers of settings and such built into the camera).


  1. Truro – Prince Street

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