Yesterday was great fun exploring familiar places Halifax as my first serious practice with the new camera. Constants of location left time to focus on the new tools and compare how I’d work with my cell phone. Two major observations immediately surface:

Most of my time trackside punctuates other activities in our life and I like how it regards railroading as a part of our life and I consider that relationship very attractive. Dedicating time to this felt wonderful for the sense of presence it brings to place.

My cell phone camera does a lovely job of recording things close to me. Naturally its design is also like me: nearsighted. We both struggle to see the bigger picture in things further away. The new camera is like my new glasses and, equipped with both, I can see more so I can go look at more. Even if it’s familiar I can study it in a different way and the composite of this new experience woven into my past enriches the quality of what it’s like.

Clarence Feeds. One car on spot.

CN 9416 is familiar from Dartmouth service and it also answers the question of what CN have assigned to Truro. This is such a simple study in modern engine facilities. No novelty turntable and roundhouse or “coal tower leftover from the days of steam”. The office, the engine, the stuff we need for work.

It was a wonderful afternoon in a favourite location with the best company imaginable. Working from home and respectfully navigating life as it is now changes the equation of how we use our weekend days but also presents time like this.

Thank you

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