Night Shift.

A little while ago Matthieu mentioned this channel and I’m hooked. The modelwork is superb and I feel like I’m watching things I can’t wait to try. Even if I never do anything with this knowledge I’m having so much fun watching these videos. This is so much fun!

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  1. Legacy hobby media doesn’t stand a chance.

    • Tell me about it.

      Like I said, I’m watching Martin Kovacs’ videos now and I don’t even care if I ever do anything with the knowledge. They’re just good TV.

      Traditional hobby media doesn’t survive because it treats itself disposable instructions from the kit instead of building in value for the audience—to make it entertaining independent of any connection to model making.

  2. Have you seen how he does weld-beads!

    Inspiring even though I have no interest in tanks.

    • I hadn’t seen that before. I’m going to have to go look now.

      I wouldn’t consider myself as having much interest in tanks but videos like this help me see past the tank to see the machine. In many ways it’s neat that there’s this almost constant of the machine so we can focus on the story being conjured in layers of texture and finish.

      What I’m finding, as I watch these, is how almost overwhelming it is. I want to try these things but I really get a sense of how much planning must be secretly happening to understand when to use which technique and in which order. It’s exciting to have stuff like this to look forward to learn. I have some twin hoppers to use on my layout that I want to try these techniques on and can’t wait to start.


  3. Thanks for the recommendation, I’ll check if out!

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