Good morning

The weekend’s excitement started trackside when CN’s 3023 landed in Dartmouth on 408–which sets it up to lead 407 back to Moncton. I love that orange carbody! The weather was, well, cold and featuring every kind of precipitation imaginable. So, weather wise, my favourite kind to be out in. Such a special event, as this engine represents and on a Saturday, meant so many friends were trackside to chase this trip. I’ll confess, as cool as it was to see the engine itself the adrenaline rush of sharing this chase with friends and each of taking turns lighting up each other’s phones with location texts was really made this worthwhile. Thanks everyone!

I chased 3023 from Dartmouth (yard) out as far as Akerley Boulevard in the Burnside Industrial Park. Darren had said he’d heard that 505 was working in the park—well there’s my future! I don’t have a scanner but caught up with them as they finished their work in the transload (Transflo) spur and I chased them back down. In the above shot, 4703 and 4807 are leading their train back into the Burnside yard and we’re in pretty much the same place I had photographed 407 about half an hour earlier.

Yeah, that’s perfect.

Speaking of 505, CN swapped our local GP’s yesterday and we now have 9555 and 9591 on duty.

I promised myself I’d replace the turnout ties this weekend. I have the ties…

This morning after a nice meditation and while coffee is brewing I cleaned up the area where the turnouts were. Scraped clean I’ll be ready to stick in those ties and get things back to where they should have been in the first place—three iterations ago. This is one of those examples of how I wanted this layout to unfold. Naturally and as a place where I try something, learn a little, retry.

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  1. Proto, model, coffee. Great combo, Chris!
    Thanks for sharing,

    • It is a winning combination. My instinct told me a sausage and egg McMuffin and one of their coffees was really what I needed either on Saturday or yesterday (or today even) but there’s no sense of regret in what I did anyway. Real trains+model trains+life size coffee=not a bad Monday.


  2. Nice chase. I haven’t got any of the CN heritage fleet yet, so you’re ahead of me!


    • I’m trying to think (remember) what others we’ve had here in Halifax. I know the GT one was here, I feel like another was but can’t remember (maybe the BC Rail one? Is there a BC Rail one?), but this EJ&E one was the first one I went out for. It’s just so cool looking. It’s a neat time trackside with some actual engines still in service still wearing their original colours and I like the contrast of that to these heritage engines. I think the week the GT one was in town on 120/121 we had an actual GT blue GP here to work the 50x trains.

      I hear that 3023 is on 121 today so hopefully it’s nearby to you soon–if it stays on the train all the way to Chicago.


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