Return of the CP plywood van

These plywood sheathed CP vans are favourites. I loved working on models of these and these designs remain personal favourites from the store I used to run on Shapeways. I could not be more proud of this design–I really love it.

The model is based on blueprints from the CP SIG with only a subtle edit so this shell simply clips onto one of N scale’s oldest and, I think, most popular caboose models: the Santa Fe style steel end cupola caboose. Just about every manufacturer has made these since the dawn of N scale and I have owned the copies from Atlas (the new ones with knuckle couplers and the old ones with truck-mounted Rapido-style couplers), Minitrix, Aurora, AHM, Life Like, and so on. I like those too and have used them to model those ex-Santa Fe cabooses the Grand Trunk operated.

I am so completely excited to share that these cabooses are now back in production and that production will now be available through Working with Bernard has been absolutely the most positive experience I could imagine and I could not be more proud of this collaboration. I have samples of this caboose here, based on the production and the quality is superb. The parts are crisp and clean–none of those print layer lines just a clean, paint-ready, shell.

Moving production of these cars to is exactly what needed to happen to this. Thank you Bernard.

The photos shown in this post were shared with me from a friend in the hobby who has painted up some simply stunning versions based on the original Shapeways production. I can still remember the first time I saw his versions and how surreal it was–they are exactly everything I dreamed these cars could be and his finishing skills completely eclipse my own.

You can see the listing for these cars here on their website: CP Plywood Sheathed Van Shell – Miniprints

I’ve had so much fun working with Bernard and I am so proud of what the finished product looks like it’s rekindled some interest in this kind of work and I’ve promised a few variations on this car–that artwork should be ready by the end of the month.

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  1. Those are fantastic. Congratulations on the new business arrangement with

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