“Rock it barb”

The track I built on Coy Paper was the nicest looking model railroad track I’ve ever built. While not continuing with that project was the right thing to do, I still feel a sense of the unresolved. So, I’m going to try again. Simpler plan. Smaller scope. I had said that Coy had some issues but it also represented progress. Keep practicing. Keep learning.

Thank you Krista for the support and encouragement to try again.

Next week: ties


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  1. Yes, indeed, that track was an absolute triumph.
    The approach was alien to me, the result was wonderful…
    Light and feathery, an air of realism, whilst still a model (probably lighting and viewing height) I’d have sworn it was 7mm/ft or larger. The colour and textures look superb.

    • Good morning!

      The layering of scenic media, layering of texture, was something Mike Cougill was doing I’d found inspirational and am so glad I tried. This track really was bedded in beautifully.

      In iteration two I’m going to use wood ties because I think I can try some different methods of dealing in their colour and form.

      I’m looking forward to getting started.



  1. dirt ballast postscript – Prince Street

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