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Growing up on a diet of British model railway magazines and a love of small scale models it’s easy to remember a line from an article where the author describes building locomotives from found materials. Though the layout and builder’s names escape me I do (otherwise!) vividly recall a favourite 3mm scale LNER layout where most of the beautiful tank engines had boilers fashioned from old pen bodies or similarly recycled things.

One of those most characteristic features of the Ruston diesels, like mine, are the round top radiator at the front of the hood and that round, high-mounted fuel tank at the back. I’d already formed the square bases of these but was stalling on how to get those major round forms. The I remembered…the solution was a cap from a long dead marker suited the radiator top and, starring in this photo, a highlighter cap for the top of the fuel tank.

The fuel tank still needs some nice round ends but this is a major step forward and a wonderful connection to a fond memory from the past.

Filler packed into some seams and it’s hard not to assemble it all together for another progress photo. I wrapped the fuel tank and radiator in 0.010” styrene and the tape is just a temporary clamp until that dries.

Yippee! So much fun.


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