Monday, August 23

It’s fun having this model, here, to pick at between other things. I feel like most of the big parts are made and things are shifting toward fun details.

I need to pick up some strip styrene for the louvres on the hood sides and see if I can find some screen (mesh) that will be suitable to wrap around the radiator openings.

It would be really cool to fit the model’s sound speaker in that radiator box…

James kindly shared a fantastically inspirational photo of a Ruston at work that showed the back of the cab. My model has this as a blank wall and I kept thinking a window would be nice in there. Now that I see the photo I think it’s time to add it to my model. Funny how often these engines are photographed from seemingly only one angle making photos of the back of the cab a little less common. I understand how cooling would be challenging if running this machine in reverse but it must have happened.

This week I need to order wheels, gears, and the motor. This is one of those things where there’s a resolution and the thing that just needs to happen is the Add To Cart part.

I love how much I’m looking forward to painting and weathering this model. That alone is a fantastic motivation to keep picking away at this.

Sorry for this not really being the most entertaining of reading. It’s just that I’m here at the workbench, sanding some filler down, and thinking how good this work feels. Despite a lack of story it’s this moment I wanted to share.


Categories: 16mm scale 32mm gauge

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