A minute. A minute.

Work, life, and so on. I’m waiting for enough time to get back to this little project. I’m really proud of it, I am having a lot of fun working on it and dreaming of the places we’ll go and layouts we could build. It takes all my strength sometimes not to keep pestering my friends with stories of how proud I am of this, how good this feels. A forum thread I was reading last week, while waiting for a query to compile another couple million rows into a story I’m working on in my real job, challenged its members to work on something for thirty minutes a day. Thinking about my Ruston the obvious potential in there was something I needed to be reminded of: any thing, any damn thing, every damn thing I do on this model is that much closer to “completing it”.

Last night, over the last mouthfuls of wine, I stuck a couple bits of styrene on. This morning I sanded them to shape. While making a coffee this morning I found some etched mesh that I was thinking might work on the radiator. That was three little sessions of work. I’m three ___ closer to my goal. I’m three ___ closer to watching this little model operate along a few feet of track and catalyzing how proud I am that I made this.

And that’s what’s turning me on

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  1. That’s it… – Prince Street

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