That’s it…

Binnie skip number one

The house is quiet and I thought I’d get caught up on some tidying. Still quiet. Make some tea. Still quiet.

“Let’s work on those louvres on the Ruston.”



But I still feel like some modelling.

What to do?

By my bench is that box of kits I bought from Binnie. Fresh tea in the cup and Miles Davis playing in my head.

“Let’s try that.”

Well that was an almost reckless amount of fun to assemble. The kit is nicely cast and thoughtfully engineered. It went together quickly—not that I’m in any rush. I’ve been thinking about how much fun painting and weathering this model is going to be and I guess I’m at that stage or should be soon.

“That’s it”?


That’s it. I’m hooked.

You know, I should have bought some of these kits a very long time ago. Past Chris would’ve had a lot of fun tinkering with this. Past Chris should’ve bought a bunch of these because we could have all been working on these. This is a moment that almost feels like time travel because of the way I’m doing something now that feels like something I was looking to do before.

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