A beautiful way to say

Last week’s inbox included a wonderful email from Atlantic News to let me know the latest Model Railway Journal had landed (Issue 284). Like any Saturday should, ours started with a walk along the lake and then coffee outside. As I write this it’s raining outside and there’s tea on (Sunday’s start started in tea for one but expanded to the embrace of coffee for two.)

“I find this process so satisfying but for me there is something very special when technology is minimised in favour of artistry.” —Paul Rhodes, Model Railway Journal no. 284

“I am however, quite content that the railway has successfully fulfilled my need and reflects how I work.” —John Duffy, Model Railway Journal no. 284

I was up most of last night (how is that: tired but can’t sleep?) so I read and reread 284. Each time I read a copy of MRJ I find myself pausing to enjoy how good it feels to read a story written honestly about a sense of good in the work created during that experience. Certainly, along the way, some spectacular modelling happens but it’s that sense of the person active and engaged in their craft that is the value distinguishing MRJ from, well, everything else in our hobby’s print media. I love how these two people created something in their work that they could see themselves in. Elsewhere the promise is of easy skills to escalate to the expert life at no cost. I love that MRJ print a different story and in doing so choose to publish something of greater than just temporary value. The hardest thing to learn, in this hobby, in any craft, is how “I” work and what it is that I’m trying to create in this medium. There’s a beauty in seeing our naked self and still seeing that as a living thing still growing; a heart pumping curiosity through our veins so that our hands are fueled to explore new forms.

Better because I am trying. Trying because it occurred to me we’re all trying. Because we’re all trying we’re made equal by our relationship with a rainbow we’re still, always, chasing.

That is how we work.

Sorry for the ramble. I really just wanted to note two beautiful things I read I knew I would want to reread, again, and again.

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  1. What a marvellous observation – made equal by a rainbow we are all still chasing.

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