One of those great influential moments for me was in an article in Narrow Gauge & Shortline Gazette about one modeller’s O scale logging layout. While forming the scenery, that modeller described leaving things to accumulate as they fell, while he was carving rocks or any work on the layout. The accumulation of this contributed to a feeling of layers of texture he craved for his scenery. After all, isn’t that how real scenery works too?

I started doing the same. Those wood shavings and dust are from carving texture into wood ties. I’ll leave it there through painting and they sink into ballast and “scenery” as its formed. I like this not for coy lazy reasons but for the sense of history they represent.


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  1. The cinders on the right are looking really promising…

  2. That’s a simple advice, but so close to reality… To often we break apart steps that are in fact accumulative in nature. And if amour modellers have taught me something, it’s that you always can blend everything together later by simply enhancing what happened naturally.

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