I love the sense of continuity found when materials from one layout fit into another. I believe the energy of experience is stored in the things we make so recycling becomes an act of respect for not just the things consumed by the process of making but the time we invested into what we made.

I didn’t have a turnout in mind or drawn. I needed just this one turnout and wanted to freehand it so simply traced onto the foam a couple of lines I liked the look of. Glueing down the cork roadbed refined those original lines of what was becoming a beautiful little asymmetric wye. When I salvaged the track from the previous layout I saved all the rail and most of the spikes; I also lifted the two turnouts. You can imagine my surprise when I discovered that this salvaged turnout fits here almost perfectly.


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  1. Serendipity FTW. Now that’s a switch!
    Thanks for sharing the moment, Chris.

    • For something completely unplanned there was no way I could predict this…turnout. Elsewhere on the layout I was already recycling components which, itself, felt like a realistic action as the real railroad might recycle old rail and similar materials so it’s neat that this layout…ties…in with a fictional prototype in a way that’s plausible.


      (I love these punderful tangents

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