And we’re 12

My friends Scott and Derwin had started blogs for their model railways and I thought it sounded like an interesting idea. I was picking away at trying to build a small N scale model railway based on a suburban prototype. Model railway forums and like internet-based social media outlets existed but it seemed like having a blog would be a really neat idea to create a place where I could share ideas without worrying about overloading my ever-patient friends with the explosion of enthusiasm that my relationship with model railways can be. And that was twelve years ago.

img 3386

Thank you for sharing this space with me. Thank you for inviting me into friendships that really I’ll never be able to describe the value of–they just mean everything to me. As we wander into seasons of giving and thanks I love how Prince Street’s anniversary lands around this time of year as a reminder to me to thank you. I love how Prince Street has become a place to remind me of the good and the potential inside and the space to practice an expression of things that fire imagination nd inspire hearts to beat; things we do that become focal points to gather as friends around.

Thank you


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  1. 12 years seems like both a long time and just a moment ago. Thanks for making the time to share your thoughts with us, Chris.

  2. Would that there was a ♥️ emoji in addition to the like that WordPress gives us. Thanks for sharing your thoughtful approach to your modeling, and keep it coming!

  3. A pleasure to read and engage with…

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