“Dry enough”

Ballast is dry enough to place the turnout into the scene. When I originally built this the proportion of PC board to wood ties was much higher but I’ve removed most of them and hope to remove them all following a weird one-for-one strategy that makes sense in my head.

As the ties are spaced right now there’s just one tie to add here at the frog but the more I think about it the more I want this same region to have four ties instead of three. So the debate in my head is building on the original strategy for ‘PC board to wood in place tie replacement’ to see how I want to space these out and not lose the geometry around the frog—those rails are just so fluidly lined that I’m afraid what I’m planning is about to be a one way trip to the heart of hubris. This is not what keeps awake at night it’s something for me to overthink while I’m up anyway.

What I could be thinking about, instead, are the two Whitcombs we’ve bought from an equipment dealer in Florida…that’s a way more interesting thing to think about.


Categories: How I think, Victoria On30

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