My favourite things

Overslept but it feels amazing. Wow! First coffees filtering through me now and picking away at things on the layout. This one frame felt like a neat summary, clockwork from top left:

Plain Mount Albert ties. These are just beautiful to work with. They hold spikes beautifully and they smell amazing (You’d think smell of model train railroad ties wouldn’t matter until you open a bag of these and all of a sudden these aesthetic values do).

The turnout ties I ballasted yesterday. Before going to bed last night I dusted on some grout. Tile grout (both sanded and non-sanded) is something I couldn’t imagine not having in my inventory of scenery materials.

I carved some texture into and stained the ties on the mainline, behind the turnout, last night as well, and this morning I’ve shovelled onto it a mix of cinders and crushed rock. Two more things I use I couldn’t imagine not having: I have a little spray bottle bought at Dollar Store that produces such a fine mist it’s the ideal thing to wet ballast; and cheap white school glue.

I love that feeling of trusted materials. It started in a conversation we were having about things in the kitchen that I couldn’t imagine not having—they’re just things I need for deeply personal reasons and if they weren’t available I might not recognize my own kitchen. It’s not that I insist these things are “the best” and most of them probably aren’t it’s just that I feel a real sense of connection to them when we’re working together. Like a dance partner, we know what happens and where we’re going or being taken to. School glue, tile grout, Woodland Scenics ballast, that spray bottle, KD couplers, any tool or product Tim Warris (Fast Tracks) offers, and CDS dry transfers. Nothing is forever but my feeling of trust for these things is complete and will never change.


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