Safe search terms. The coal hopper accident.

Taylor will appreciate this:

I’ve mentioned before how there are genuine model railroading things that accidentally become “not safe for work” or “maybe don’t type this into the work computer Google.” It all started when I was transcribing some refrigerator car notes and wanted to make sure the reporting mark SFEX stood for what I thought it did. Google asks “Did you mean…”.


Fast forward to today

In my collection of On30 models I have some steel hopper cars from Bachmann that are based on East Broad Top railroad coal hoppers. They’re nice models and I’d like more. Bachmann’s are based on EBT twin hoppers but they also had larger three bay cars and I’d like some of those too. While On30 isn’t always favoured by manufacturers it’s kin On3 is probably the granddaddy of narrow gauge modelling and I thought “I know I’ve seen tons of models of EBT engines in On3. Surely…someone must have made those bigger hoppers.” So off to Google I went.

BTS currently list resin kits. They look amazing. I’m entirely sure I’m far enough along into this idea to invest in their kits. As much as I’d appreciate having their models in my collection what I need now is akin to a massing model that serves as a planning aid.

Gloor Craft made wood kits for them. I’ve built Gloor Craft structures and always wondered if anyone ever built any of their wood kit models of steel cars. How much sanding sealer do you have to work through to make basswood sides look like steel?

Then, on Boerries Burkhardt’s website I saw mention of a plastic kit from CB&T Shops for these exact same cars. “Eureka!” and in my moment of excitement off to Google I went. Without quotes I started with search terms like “CBT hopper” and “CBT EBT”. My story is not leading into any kind of judgement about anything Google suggested I might be looking for instead but more a moment of my recognizing how myopia sets in when my mind begins to obsess about something. I had this need to find a kit for these larger hopper cars and, quickly, my brain locked into a kind of extremely myopic thinking that cut off any kind of peripheral awareness.

I’m no further ahead in buying some narrow gauge coal cars but I’ve learned something and had a chance to laugh at myself which was always good.


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  1. Taylor does appreciate this. Sorry for being so late to the party.

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