…went as well as could be expected

On the layout I’ve been working on the second module and getting things to the phase of construction where ties are laid, weathered, and at least a base layer of “ballast” is in place. From there I could start spiking down rail. As this module is the one where The Turnout lives I figured I should concentrate on getting it wired and stuck down.

Seemed an innocent enough starting place: solder feeder wires to the frog and stock rails. Stock rails wired; zip, zip, done; onto the frog’s feeder. In my defence I actually had it done but I wanted to flow some more solder on for some random personal reason. Most of this turnout was originally built on a PC board tie frame (when it was installed on the previous layout) but I’d been removing those ties to replace with wooden ties. This meant the once beautifully formed frog was now only held in place on one tie. The tie beside where I was now soldering in that feeder. You know the story and now those rails are neither wired nor stuck down.

There’s always good news

I didn’t want any PC board ties so this is actually going to facilitate that. I’ll just strip the rest of the turnout down to bare parts and build it the way I would have liked in the first place. I laughed at myself in this moment of hubris.

And I thought of Wallace’s line “Well that went as well as could be expected.”

(Wallace? Wallace and Gromit)


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3 replies

  1. Better than me tipping the bottle of flux all over the ties!

    • That I use a paste type flux is the only reason I haven’t done exactly as you have. I have certainly knocked that tub over and only the state of the contents that has prevented it from spilling.

      I am most dangerous with that soldering iron though and often think there’s a parody Dr. Seuss book that chronicles the messes I’ve made waving that thing around on the layout: Oh the Things You’ll Melt.


  2. I love how despite this calamity you can see the potential in the mistake.
    I’m sure it will be wonderful as a result. You’re enjoying yourself and it comes across despite the distance.

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