thursday afternoon

Were not these branchline memories themselves a sign of our own changing humanity?

Held in our stories with the fondness of memory like a great aunt we look forward to visiting from a village we haven’t lived in for a long time.

Their lives lived every day. Not just on special tween times that reunite us for one celebration that becomes another. Their lives lived every day and sometimes as unintentionally singular prose. Private by circumstance.

Branchline railways reaching out from the main trunk to offer a home to birds and bees and us and we and cups of tea and biscuits please. We can’t always be the place we’re going and sometimes we are where come from.

The railbus waiting on platfrom two takes us back to where our path began. It’s smaller rails our humble path in the story of our name.

Inspiration is a word we use a lot in model railways and it’s what I felt when I saw this photo. Can you imagine any more worthwhile hobby than one that starts in the imagination of one and becomes a gift of inspiration for friends to share in?

Inspiration by James Hilton. Wandering text is all my fault–I saw this photo of his work and instantly started writing.

Categories: hilton & mears duo, How I think

4 replies

  1. Chris when I shared this photo with you and the response was this beautiful poem I was absolutely in awe of the speed at which you can composed something so wonderfully evocative of another place and time… thank you my friend.

    • You’re too kind. In terms of timing, the magic here was all in your photograph and always superb modelling and photography. It was so easy to see these words in that photo and all had to do was quickly write them down before they vanished.


  2. Such a wonderful post. And perfect timing, too, as I was composing a desperately poorer version for my own blog. May I quote you in my posting?

    Kevin P. Blair
    Chanute, KS

    • Thanks for the kind words Kevin and also for asking. Please feel free to quote from this and, if you don’t mind, linking back to here.

      I’ve really enjoyed seeing your blog–thanks for including a link in your signature. It’s some nice reading. Thanks again!


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