Ruston not forgotten

I really miss working on the little Ruston project. I sort of “hit a wall” with it where I got to a point with the project where my understanding of what I was doing met the water’s edge of the unknown, my anxiety overtook me, and I just collapsed into not really knowing what to do next because what I needed to do next was assemble a working drive from this neat collection of parts I have here. I’ve never scratchbuilt a drive before and it’s intimidating. But like an old friend I’ve not talked to in a long time my heart reminds me daily how much I miss the interaction of working on this model and the dreams I had for its future and, like Mole in Wind in the Willows, I miss that home.

I put all those parts away in a nice bin with the rest of my 16mm scale shenanigans because these things are important and what they represent to me is inspirational. I think I’m writing this note to Future Chris to remind him to try this; to not obsess about making something perfect just make something square and free-rolling; make something that can propel itself. If he can make that, he can make it again and slightly better. He only needs to be working on making one that works well since the dream for all this isn’t a legion of Rustons but one to propel a couple of skips back and forth on a little layout project he’s aching to start work on but postponing until this stalemate is overcome.

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  1. The result to date looks wonderful! (I confess a soft spot for Rustons) I have never scratchbuilt a drive either but if a bit of machining support would help, let me know.

    • Good morning and thank you! I have that same affection for these machines and remember a OO9 white metal kit for one of these I built as a teenager that was always close but not close enough. Thank you for the kind offer of machine support!


  2. That would intimidate the heck out of me. The fact that you’ve collected the parts indicates you’re going to do it – it’s a matter of when.


  1. Lister. Day 1. – Prince Street
  2. Ruston and Lister – Prince Street

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