three friends

That lovely engine is by James

The skip is because of Jim

The track because my imagination makes my hands do things when my brain is distracted

Inspiration comes in many forms but feels like something I feel inside from moments when the models on my desk are of friends whose company I am constantly grateful for.

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  1. That looks fantastic! Very inspiring. ;-)

    • It all starts so simply. I had been looking for some other parts but found the box where that locomotive body from James was safely stored and, it’s so beautiful, I had to take it our to admire while enjoying the last first coffees of the morning. Then I found that test section of OO9 track I’d built and some of those Parkside tippers from Jim and the rest is recoded on film (albeit it digital “film”).

      I just kept studying this tiny little scene. So easy to imagine how it would have sounded or been fun to watch at work this morning. Easily one of the best moments in the hobby.


      • Wonderful, just a Bachmann Percy chassis for the O&K… or I can make you a non working one I’m sure, if you need one.

      • You’ve mentioned that Percy chassis and I caught myself looking at them today and remembering your compliment on how well they operate…and thinking that despite my thinking this is all “too small” I should probably still order one.


  2. I’m wondering what Atlas Code 55 rail would look like in 009 bases…
    I must try it.

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