Lister. Day 2.

I’m building this. Finally. Making a model that’s not track. I’ve been thinking about this kit and now that I have it, I spent some time this morning comparing it to the small collection of photos I’ve been bookmarking.
The instructions are quite nice but it doesn’t look like there are too many dependent steps so I’m consulting them but moving independent of them too. The model is intended to suit 45mm or 32mm gauge so I will be cutting the frame’s cross members shorter to suit 32mm gauge. I’m afraid of screwing that up so I thought I’d make up the engine compartment first. So, well, here I am. I’ve just glued the top on and have this little Lister shaped white metal box drying on the counter workbench now.

While the model includes those characteristic fuel tanks, that protrude out the back of the hood, it doesn’t include any of the actual motor itself–just a rectangle of white metal to hide this void. Pity. I’m not glueing that plate into place so will need to make even just a crude representation of the motor.

“Really big model of a really small thing”

I know, but, even this hood is big. It’s really stinking cool. The area inside the rounded top of the hood is about 20mm x 20mm and 10mm deep and wouldn’t it be super cool to fit a speaker up in here?

This part’s done now and I’ll tidy up the “bench” for the night. I can’t wait to work on this again tomorrow.

Posted this twice, sorry, I was still editing the original post when, like a fool, clicked Publish too fast. Oops

Categories: 16mm scale 32mm gauge, 16mm scale IP Engineering Lister

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  1. From these three pieces came the rest.

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