Lister. Day 8. Part 2. Five Hundred Grams.

Sorry for all the blog posts today. The people “responsible for that have been sacked”. Sorry also for the Big Sugar song reference in the blog post title here. The people “responsible for that have been sacked”. I’m a pretty big Big Sugar fan so trying a blog title about a model that’s almost five hundred grams to an album titled Five Hundred Pounds, well, I typed it before I decided otherwise.

So here we are. I’ve poured a nice glass of my favourite wine, Grand Pré’s NS Red, and have just tidied up. Those big ballast weights I memtioned earlier today are now glued into place along with the coupling blocks.

It looks like a Lister!

I’m so proud of this right now. Raise a glass.

Categories: 16mm scale 32mm gauge, 16mm scale IP Engineering Lister

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  1. Never apologize for Big Sugar…never.


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