Lister. Day 8. Sunny Saturday.

Hello from Halifax. It’s a beautiful sunny Saturday afternoon and I thought I’d stop, between errands, and enjoy a mug of tea and try glueing my fingers together some more sticking some more parts on the Lister. What did I get done?

When I decided to cut down the width of the model to something closer to the Merioneth drawing I kind of forgot that these details would need to be shortened too. In the kit, these weights are just big old blocks of white metal. They’re quite heavy (I’m sure they weigh more than the N scale engines I’ve owned) but I figured I’d still hack my way through them with my trusty little mitre box and razor saw. The latter tool was really not suited for cutting through a slab of white metal and I should have chosen a tool with less fine teeth. At times this scene felt one from a Coen brothers film. Nonetheless, as they say, “It is done.” When I study Listers in the pile of photographs I’ve collected I notice this weight seems to be held to the frame using lengths of steel angle while the model does this with a set of gussets cast onto the weights. The steel angle doesn’t just look more realistic but I want to do that because it just feels like it makes more sense–if I had to do this in real life I’d chose the same method for strength and simplicity. I’ll stop by the hobby shop this afternoon to buy some angle.

I also cleaned up and added the sideframe castings on both sides. Where I’m starting to really develop an affection for the quirks in the design of this kit these castings are particularly flat. The axleboxes would look better if made a little deeper and the ballast weights between the axlesboxes should be the full depth of that frame member and, in the kit, they’re not. This would be a simple detail to correct and I will. I contemplated cutting the one piece casting provided that’s the two axleboxes connected through this ballast into three pieces but also had visions of that just complicating aligning things so glued it all in place as one. I’ll make a new weight and simply glue it over the provided ballast. Easy

Les Chatfield photograph from

I wonder if someone makes treadplate or diamond plate like you see in the above photo from Wikipedia for the deck area where the driver sits? When I’m at the hobby shop this afternoon I’ll take a look and see if maybe they have something. The kit provides a sheet of brass for this but this space is just large enough that I’m worried the lack of texture will be really obvious. Everything in this scale casts a shadow and I’d like this one. I have some diamond mesh in my collection of ‘stuff’ at home already and I’m thinking about just glueing this overtop a styrene blank thinking it would look just as good?

Once the ballast weights are stuck into place I’m hoping things are far enough along to spray some primer and maybe even paint onto the model soon. I love working on this model and my impatience to see it progress is so strong. I’m having a really fun time working on this and look forward to even an hour or so to work and appreciate this little model. I was disappointed by the model’s proportions when I first started studying the parts but then realised that, decades ago, I would have built a kit of one of these in OO9 and never ever cursed out of scale parts–they were always just accepted. Seeing this as equally charming as those OO9 kits I adored really feels good and I’m growing quite affectionate to this thing I’m making. Thanks for following along and the support, always.


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  1. I’m glad I read the article – because when I first scanned that photo, I was gobsmacked at the level of detail (I thought) you were putting into that model. But, now I see that this is a prototypical photo – right?

    I have a few models I’m going to start assembling one day … I am inspired by what you accomplish – especially in N scale! phew…

    • What excites me about this scale is how accessible detail like that could be. Part of my impatience to work on this
      model is just because it’s so darn cool but part is that, with each piece added, the canvas I’m looking for is that much more closer to being available.

      Wonderful to hear from you!


  2. I think here that I might be able to help but It might need to wait until I can get it etched. I’ve got the artwork for that chequer plate drawn up as I use it in kits. I could easily etch some in 16mm if that would be of use?

    Great to see the energy coming from this work Chris!

    • I’d love to develop some etched plate for this. I meant to ask for your opinion on some artwork I did up for the front “grill”. I’m in no rush to replace major components on this model but also couldn’t resist the temptation to start some artwork for successor parts.


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