The many weatherings of 4769

CN 4769 is back in Dartmouth. I’ve had the pleasure of photographing it here before and often would rush down from my office to watch them at work in the yard and often repeated this composition. Recreating this, this evening, felt comfortable and familiar. As I’ll often say, no matter how much time I spend here I love this place on the railroad.

It’s really cool that we live in a time when so many really good models are so readily available. What’s really cool is that Athearn not only sold a GP38-2w, not just because they released it in this, one of railroading’s sharpest paint schemes, but they even sold a 4769! Of course, you still need to weather it…and weathering is where 4769 shines. Every time it visits it’s wearing a new weathering pattern and the longer I study its body the more I discover.

One last photo from this evening. They’re hooked onto autoracks, for Autoport, and a few tank cars for Irving. 4769 is leading 4712 and this is CN 509.


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