Lister day 12. Chassis thoughts.

Probably the reason I lie awake at night is “the work day” but while I’m there I work through a series of meditations releasing my mind to calm itself by moving between the thoughts it needs to, to reconcile what it can. Perhaps its business is not too many things to think about but the inability to attend to them completely during the day is what causes them to return each night? Regardless, last night I thought about the Lister’s chassis.

Instead of using the wheels IP Engineering supplied with the kit I’m planning on using a set of Slaters O scale “Lowmac” wheels. Last weekend I took the above quick photograph showing how they fit against the narrowed frame of my model. At the time I had in mind that I would clip off the angle ends and mount these in an inside subframe “chassis” with inboard bearings.

I think the only part of this kit I don’t totally like is the way the sideframe casting was designed. It’s nicely rendered but also just flat. When I look at photos of real Listers that ballast weight, hanging between the axle boxes, is outward more in line with the face of the frames themselves and, for that matter, the axle box/bearing itself also protrudes further forward. I had planned on keeping this casting as it is but, also, because it’s kind of thin it’s kind of easily damaged. I’ve already cracked it once. That’s totally my fault and it was easily repaired.

I’ll spare you the series of thoughts traipsing through untamed possibilities for “what next” to get us instead to here and the above sketch centered at the basic question: “why not replace the existing white metal sideframe with a new one that uses the Slaters bearings I have, at the axle ends instead if inboard?”

Yeah. Why not?

In my head I think I could make up the new axleboxes and frames they sit in. I’d at least make up a brass subframe for all this to hang off of which might be a little stronger than the part I have and keep breaking. While I might not recycle the kit’s original axleboxes I would probably retain that neat ballast weight and use it as a detail as it was always intended.

In my head this is possible.

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