Lister Chassis III. Day 35.

That’s where we were on Wednesday. I’d slide the wheelsets into the subchassis and this side view looks just terrific.

While I liked the idea and from the side that chassis looked terrific it look less nice from the top. I started thinking about remaking those same parts but half as thick. These two new photos show the second try at this subchassis idea. They’re a total 0.040” thick made up of three laminations of styrene sheet compare to the 0.080” thick previous iteration. It is less obtrusive but also still visible. I feel grateful that I tried this and through this series of attempts collected several versions and I have learned so much. Everything I have works to fulfill its technical role—the contemplation now caters to aesthetic needs.

And in one frame this is the evidence gathered by my curiousity. Not shown but I wouldn’t be here without them are the simple cardboard jigs I made to keep things square while assembling components.

While this thinner-sided subchassis serves as it was intended to, it’s fussy and I’m not convinced its net worth is, well, worth it.

I can install the thicker sided parts shown in the Day 33 update. This comes with a minor concession in the model’s appearance but it also works and works well.

A radical option would be to replace the kit’s frame members with my own. Considering how frugal this model is that just feels like discarding too much of this charming kit and I’m not convinced of the value of this sacrifice.

While writing that last paragraph I realised I could just make four pedestals and mount them onto the kit’s frame. I never really considered this but that “never really considered this” was Chris from two weeks ago who’d never tried anything like this and didn’t think he’d ever make any of this work and the way he used to think. Maybe I should try this just for the sake of trying? It’s only a bit of plastic.

The more I work on this kit the more I sense this feeling of connecting with teenage me and those OO9 kits I was trying, so desperately, to make work. Everything about this kit feels like those but rendered in proportions Thirty-something Years Ago Chris would have loved. If the folks at IP Engineering ever read these notes: thank you for making this kit. I’m having so much fun with this. It’s simply wonderful and whole value that I’m so pleased I bought. And forgive this moment of nostalgic wallowing

I can’t stop looking at this. It’s so cool!

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