10:15 Tuesday

Sometimes the room sounds like the kettle as it starts to warm,

as tea is starting to be made,

as a cat stirs in a comfortable wicker basket.

Most days I’m here and the windows are my coworking colleagues. Facilitation is their game and to see what they’re working on is to receive an invitation to go outside. It’s amazing how complex a window is. They’re impossible to ignore and yet impossible to see them in action. They’re almost ghostly since we know they’ve given this space something but done so in a way we lived in but never witnessed.

They invite the sun to come visit. I love how it explores the body of this Lister model. Its fingers touching every single part and turning the model on. That L looks like an uncomfortable smile that can’t be hidden any longer.


I did edit this post. I think it’s still the same message. Sometimes the words are like a big Lego kit. You know you have the right parts and the work is exploring their order.

Categories: How I think

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