The Cardigans weather

“What the world needs is a rail-mounted pipe organ” is kind of what I was thinking this morning on the way home. 511 is long gone before daylight and I lost at hide-and-seek with 505 when it blew through Princess Margaret Boulevard while I snuggled deep into traffic and the coffee tailings haunting my travel cup. I love the Emmett imagery that I now have stuck in my head thanks to: “rail-mounted pipe organ” and Stephen’s right: it is tea time.

Someone touches ever place on the railway and everything we have was moved by their hand. These ties, they didn’t sprout here. I love that the whole railway is a garden of beauty waiting to be seen, the evidence of a story waiting to be plugged in and heard. The sun before the storm feels warm and like I don’t want to go home, back inside, or to that place the weekday does.

That title? Yeah. No music in the car but, here, now Long Gone Before Daylight. Come to think of it, “Here Now” should be on this playlist too.

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  1. Coffee tailings suggest an industrial process that can’t be good for you. :-)

    • Coffee tailings is my confessional: in my making of coffee I need a better way to grind coffee—the last thing to be matured and something I’m curious for people’s thoughts on. My current grinder isn’t producing an even enough finished product and I’m getting a lot of dust (“tailings”) that aren’t doing anything for anything.

  2. Love this! All those stories to tell, past and present :) On the subject of Emett, have you already seen Carl Roberts’ layouts? He has quite a few videos on his YT channel of his Emett layouts.

    • Thank you!

      As fans we see trains and train drivers and our focus is seldom far from that but the community that is the railway is a population so much more diverse. Things like these ties are data, evidence, of someone’s work, their place in this choir.

      I don’t think I have seen Carl Roberts’ layouts but the invitation is too good and work like this is fantastic. I love it:

      Thank you again.

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