times change

Into the pure darkness of last Wednesday evening at Autoport I knew exactly what I wanted to try, why I wanted it, and how I wanted to try it; that would free energy to focus on more technical skills. And I love how this photograph turned out.

This evening, I’m back at Autoport. The places are familiar but the camera can reach into them in ways that I could never have imagined before and I feel awake.

The time change, yesterday, “adds” an hour of sun to the day making it feel easier to get out after work and I’ve spent most of the evening here.

The original memory card I had purchased for my camera just wouldn’t stay mounted and it was frustrating. I’ll confess that this dumb memory card problem completely overwhelmed my desire to use the camera at all. I’m embarrassed, not just because replacing that lousy Kingston card was a simple obstacle I could have overcame in a second with a button click and about twenty dollars, because my actions made it look like I didn’t appreciate the camera. Nothing could be further from the truth. This gift represents a value I will never be able to fully measure any more than describe.

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  1. Well, I’m glad somebody is happy about the time change. :-)
    That night shot is especially nice: O Winston Link in colour.

    • Thank you for the kind words and compliment.

      As for the time change I’m probably still too confused by the change to know if I’m coping with it at all. It’s this window where I identify most with the time traveller as my soul is at one time that the clocks aren’t.

      • The change in time really took me off guard this time. It seemed like it came out of nowhere because life has been so crazy lately! The extra light it brings is a welcome change though :)

  2. I love seeing these photos again. So peaceful and so magnificent.

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