“See you at the Queen City Express”

We often describe ourselves, in this hobby, as “lone wolves” because our vocabulary is biased toward narrating our experience in only terms of our output, the models we make and the stuff of our collections. Exploring the broader culture of our community is largely unexplored space so I’m thrilled to read that my friend Trevor is speaking at Queen City Express, in Regina, this May. Trevor’s The Model Railway Show podcast remains one of the finest examples of media our hobby has produced and it remains a conversation worth your time listening to. I know Trevor’s talks at Queen City Express are going to be wonderful just as I know we need a whole load more people like Trevor here to communicate what we do in ways, like he does, that make this appear to the real world like the beautiful thing it is to us.

And after a few years that made travel, even across town, seem ridiculously ambitious, why not make plans to attend an event like this? Go on. Do it. Go.

Check out Trevor’s blog for details:

May 19-21, 2023 in Regina

See you at the Queen City Express

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  1. Thanks for the vote of confidence, Chris. The pressure’s now on!

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